Change Detectives

In Science this term, we have been learning about reversible and irreversible change. We have investigated different types of changes, such as how fast we can make an ice cube melt, how gas particles move through the air and how salt is dissolved in water. Here are some photos of us conducting an experiment to see how much salt we could add to water before it stopped dissolving.

20151108-111656.jpg 20151108-111627.jpg

Fitness Challenge

Today we had Grades 5&6 doing the Fitness Challenge & it was heaps of fun. Tomorrow Grades 3-6 will meet in the amphitheater to talk about how we all went today. Our sports teacher will announce the winning House tomorrow at 1:00. I wonder which one it will be?

Earthquake encounters

Hello everyone,
For the last few weeks we have been looking at earthquakes in science. To learn about these natural disasters, we have skyped scientists in Canberra that study and measure earthquakes and looked at videos online. We have also had our principal come to our classroom and tell us about her experience of being an earthquake when she was in New Zealand. We have learned about what causes an earthquake, where in the world they mostly occur and what happens after and during one. Linked to that, all of the grade sixes have gotten into small groups to research a natural disaster. Each group studied how they are caused, wrote an explanation about them and put it into a sixty-second video.
Written by Zoe


Carnival games

Last week we held our carnival. Students were required to design a game that based on chance and then construct it. They had to calculate the theoretical probability of a person winning their game and then conduct experiments to find the experimental probability.

20150602-105637.jpg 20150602-105658.jpg 20150602-105713.jpg 20150602-105733.jpg 20150602-105756.jpg 20150602-105820.jpg

Update on Term 2 Week 5

We are still working on the family tree for homework and the oval is still out of bounds but everyone is having fun. In Art, we are building a mini metal sculpture with artistic things on it to show what we like or favour. In P.Em I think we are still doing fitness. In Auslan, we have to sign about us going overseas to somewhere else in the world. We have to sign what we would pack in our bag and 3 things we’re going to see. We have to build a farm using 3D shapes in Maths.

By Matt

Adventures in Melbourne

Last night we went to Eureka SkyDeck. The views at night were amazing!

Today we have walked about 15 kilometres. We started our day with a walk along the Yarra River, continuing on to the Shrine of Remembrance. It was great to be able to go there just before the 100th centenary of ANZACs landing at Gallipoli.

We then walked to Federation Square where we had lunch. After lunch, we went to ACMI and enjoyed playing lots of old video games and learning about how television shows are made.

Our last stop was the MCG. We saw the players’ rooms, media room, MCC area and walked out on to the ground. Then we went through the National Sports Museum and tried our hand at lots of different sporting activities in the Game On room.

After our long day, it was back to camp for soft tacos and a movie!