Earthquake encounters

Hello everyone,
For the last few weeks we have been looking at earthquakes in science. To learn about these natural disasters, we have skyped scientists in Canberra that study and measure earthquakes and looked at videos online. We have also had our principal come to our classroom and tell us about her experience of being an earthquake when she was in New Zealand. We have learned about what causes an earthquake, where in the world they mostly occur and what happens after and during one. Linked to that, all of the grade sixes have gotten into small groups to research a natural disaster. Each group studied how they are caused, wrote an explanation about them and put it into a sixty-second video.
Written by Zoe


2 thoughts on “Earthquake encounters

  1. Good morning Grade 6B….how awesome to read what you have been learning. Thanks Zoe (& Miss Jackson). I especially liked hearing about the Q and A Skype session. I bet if I was to ask you all what you took away from that session you could blow my mind! I am looking forward to ‘what’s around the corner…’ Keep on learning and keep on sharing PLEASE 😀

    Ps. Tweet tweet to the tweety bird class pet of all time!

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