Student blogs

This week the Grade 6s have been working on setting up their own student blogs. I am impressed with how much they have already learnt and how they have worked collaboratively to teach each other new things. Here are some examples of what we have learnt so far:

  • Chloe has learnt to put a picture on her blog
  • Matt learnt how to put a text widget on his blog to show that he is participating in the Student Blogging Challenge
  • We learnt to write blogs that were interesting and didn’t include too much personal information, like Lucia’s ‘About Me’ post and Hayley’s welcome post.
  • Milly learnt how to put a ClustrMap on her page so she could count her visitors. 4 so far!

Everyone has learnt something new about blogging this week. Have a look at our class blog list to see how our blogs are looking so far!

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to Grade 6B’s blog! During the year, we will use our blog to share what we are learning and creating in class and to communicate with people from all around the world. We love comments so please feel free to leave one for us. We also love looking at where our visitors come from, so please feel free to share our blog widely!